3 Great Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Payroll Solutions

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

You probably know the rest.

May 2019 marked the 42nd year since the premiere of a science fiction movie called “Star Wars.” By 1983, the original film had become part of a trilogy accompanied by a small galaxy’s worth of merchandise. But what’s truly interesting is the staying power these movies have continued to enjoy years after their first screenings.

To date, the Star Wars world has produced two additional movie trilogies, galaxies worth of merchandise, multiple television series, additional movies, libraries of video games and now, brand-new areas in Disney parks promising visitors a genuine out-of-this-world experience.

Now, some of that staying power’s due to the simple attraction of an exciting story told well. But some of it’s also due to something called the rule of three. Omne trium perfectum. The thing great things often come in.

As for us? FBG Holdings has a rule of three of our own.

Ask Yourself a Question: Are All of Your Needs Being Met?

One of the advantages of being a conglomerate is we can help our clients deal with challenges across the spectrum. A payroll company needs help moving money around without paying big bank prices? There’s a solution. A tax agency is breathing down someone’s neck about compliance issues? There’s a way to keep them happy. A construction firm or health care provider needs to keep track of their employees’ comings and goings? All they need is the right solution.

But it’s rare that an office only faces one challenge. A business owner is faced with high payroll expenses and needs help making sure their employees take their allotted breaks. Or a payroll provider needs help with tax processing while worrying state regulators might come knocking.

So maybe you’re reading this and you’re thinking sure, I’ve got multiple needs. But multiple solutions? That’s going to cost more money.

Not necessarily. Let’s circle back to the rule of three.

The FBG Rule of Three: Pay Less While Doing More.

Three of our companies are bundling together to offer a can’t-miss discount to anyone in need of workforce solutions. It’s simple:

  • Sign up with one company, get 10% off your first year of service
  • Sign up with two, get 20% off
  • Sign up with three, get 30% off

The bigger the service bundle, the more you save – that’s the power of three, FBG style. Here’s a quick glance at the participating companies:

  • Payroll Tax Management provides scalable payroll tax solutions backed up with tax expertise.
  • Time Rack features a comprehensive time & attendance solution which can be expanded to include a robust HR module.

And it’s more than just savings, too. More FBG products mean even more protection against non-compliance – in more areas of your business. Plus, multiple products come with top priority treatment and even more influence for your input and ideas.

“But it's not just about the savings,” says FBG Vice President of Sales Summer Poletti. “Bundling services together is the express lane to scaling or growing your business, along with becoming a premium user. And like anyone with a greater investment in our company, we give a lot of attention to premium users.”

There’s something about a group of three which captures people’s attention, like three popular movies about space battles. Like Isaac Newton’s three rules of motion, or life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Bundling services means greater savings while taking your business to the level you want.

Don’t wait – contact a FBG expert today to learn more about our services.

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