Business Partnerships: Simple Steps to Success

Thursday, April 11, 2019

We all have different strengths. That’s what makes the process of collaboration so valuable. Finding the right partner can be a catalyst to growth and innovation for your business and allow you to do more for your clients.

At FBG Holdings, our partnerships reflect a commitment to providing our clients with a complete suite of solutions across the payroll landscape. By pairing and integrating what we do with additional services and offerings through our partnerships, we are able to solve a wider range of problems for our clients in the payroll industry. But the right partnerships don't just happen. They require careful planning and review to ensure the right fit.

At FBG, it starts with a commitment to client needs. We look for partnerships that fill a specific client need or that expand the range of choices for our clients as well as for our partner's clients. Next, we make sure that there is an alignment of culture and values. We want partners who share our focus on providing reliable, first-rate customer service with transparent pricing policies. Customer service has to come first.

If you'd like to learn more about the process, we've created a series of videos to introduce you to some of the key things you'll need to do to identify and develop the partnerships that can help you reach your business goals. Here's a quick summary of each of our Knowledge Drop videos, hosted by Brandi Utria, vice president and director of business development at FBG Holdings:

Knowledge Drop: Building a Successful Partnership

Learn some tips for identifying partners who will be good fits for your company along with best practices for establishing the objectives of the partnership, like agreeing on the metrics by which you will measure results and developing processes for ensuring effective communication and collaboration throughout the partnership. This video will get you started thinking through ways to determine if you have found a good match.

Knowledge Drop: Partnership Marketing and Lead Generation

This video introduces ways of working with your partners, including maintaining aligned strategies and creating awareness of the services provided under the partnership. Key questions include: How do you establish practices for sharing the costs of partnership? Learn some tips for collaborative marketing efforts that can set you up for success.

Knowledge Drop: The FBG Holdings Family of Companies

Learn more about FBG Holdings, which has four subsidiaries serving the payroll industry, including PEOs, staffing agencies, CPAs, stand-alone payroll providers and in-house payroll departments. Watch this video to learn more about the solutions we provide, including ACH processing, payroll tax processing, payroll and HR services and software and time and attendance, along with a wide variety of additional solutions provided through our partnerships.

    The FBG Holdings family of companies provides state-of-the-art software and solutions for streamlining payroll processes and managing costs. To learn more about our sister companies, visit their websites at Cachet Financial Services, Payroll Tax Management, SBS Payroll and Time Rack. Or click on the link below.

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