National Payroll Week: Recognizing Heroes At Work

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Trivia time! What was the first superhero movie?

No, it wasn’t “Iron Man.” Come on! That came out in 2008. A Gen-Xer might say Richard Donner’s “Superman” from 1978, or the Batman movie with Adam West from 1966. It wasn’t them, either.

Dig deeper – movie nerds, you’re going to have to dig past those old Superman, Batman and Captain American serials from the 40s and 50s. A case could be made that it’s “The Shadow Strikes,” from 1937. But no, you’re going to have to dig all the way back to 1920.

That’s when United Artists released the silent movie “The Mark of Zorro” starring Douglas Fairbanks as the mysterious California avenger. And in what must’ve been a sign of the times to come, it even got a sequel (1925’s “Don Q, Son of Zorro”).

So, accepting Zorro as a superhero (which he completely is; he’s got a secret identity, a mask, a hideout and everything!), next year’s going to mark 100 years of superhero movies. A solid century of watching heroes who save the day, do the right thing and triumph against overwhelming odds. Maybe that’s why the American Payroll Association (APA) has those cool Roy Lichtenstein-esque “Payroll Saves The Day” posters for this year’s National Payroll Week.

Because every payroll pro knows what it’s like to save the day.

Not Just A Celebration: Payroll Week Is A Great Chance to Educate

Got a job? You probably work hard at it. And it’s a safe bet that what makes the occasional hassles, panic and bad days worthwhile is the paycheck that comes at the end of it.

But a lot of workers don’t really consider the payroll process itself. It’s why the APA founded National Payroll Week in 1996. Not only is it a way for the payroll industry to celebrate the effort they put in to keep workers working, the week of Labor Day helps educate the world at large about what the payroll industry does and about finance in general.

It’s no small task – according to a survey by, nearly 80% of financial advisors agreed financial literacy was a concern in the U.S. The findings roughly mirror those of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (FINRA) National Financial Capability Study, which paints a dire picture indeed of the U.S.’s financial awareness. Among the findings? Only 34% of survey respondents were able to pass a basic five-question quiz on financial literacy.

Last year, there were 128.5 million full and part-time workers in the U.S., according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s a lot of people needing payment for their work. Countless payroll departments, bureaus and other providers work every day to ensure those workers get paid, accurately and on time.

But workers aren’t the only people who rely on paychecks. Payroll taxes play a critical role in the U.S. According to Investopedia, at a federal level payroll taxes fund Social Security, healthcare programs, workers comp and unemployment programs. At a local level? They fund parks, road repair and emergency services.

Finally, here’s a sobering fact: In 2017, career building website CareerBuilder discovered nearly 80 percent of U.S. workers were living paycheck to paycheck. Getting paid on time for a lot of workers isn’t just a matter of convenience – it keeps their households afloat.

How’s that for saving the day?

Join Us In Celebrating America’s Payroll Pros

FBG Holdings is proud to be a sponsor of National Payroll Week. We’re not merely a conglomerate which provides services to the payroll and HR industries – we’re happy to educate our fellow payroll professionals about how we can help them serve America’s employees better.

Check out our videos below – it’s our way of saluting our friends and colleagues across the industry for the heroic effort we put into keeping our country working. And if you’re in the industry, take a moment to pat yourself on the back for the important work you do.

Just maybe don’t slash a “Z” into your spreadsheets.

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