Our New Partner MyHRConcierge Takes HR Service to a Different Level

Thursday, July 05, 2018

When Chris Cooley and John Yerger decided to combine their business and financial expertise and create an HR outsourcing company almost 10 years ago, they knew how much time and energy small and midsize businesses devoted to managing their human resources needs.

But they also knew that it wasn't enough to offer specialized expertise in hiring, firing or workplace compliance.

Cooley had a deep financial background and had worked with a wide range of businesses as an accountant, and later as a fractional CFO.

John came from the operations side of things, with experience as an executive in both national and international companies as well as call center management.

HR Services from a Different Angle

It was experience that made them want to provide a different kind of HR service – one built around a genuine relationship with their clients and an approach to HR challenges that acknowledged the links between HR and other aspects of a business. Each client has a dedicated HR consultant they can call and speak with when they have questions or issues.

"We come at it from a little different angle," Cooley said recently. "We don't just regurgitate regulations. We want our people to have a breadth of knowledge and experience. So often, things in HR are not a silo."

Today, Ridgeland, Miss.-based MyHRConcierge provides HR problem solving that doesn't overlook the bigger picture. "If you're going to fire that manager, how are you going to replace him?" Cooley said.

It's an approach that has drawn clients in a wide range of industries – including grocery, manufacturing, retail, restaurant, hotel, professional services and more – seeking help in a regulatory environment that can be challenging to keep up with. Sometimes the hurdles are big, like complying with the raft of new regulations imposed under the Affordable Health Care Act. Sometimes they're small, like local minimum wage laws or industry-specific hiring challenges.

Either way, staying in compliance takes time and focus that many business owners would prefer to spend developing, marketing and selling their products, Cooley says. For smaller employers, having someone in-house to keep on top of new labor and workplace regulations often isn't even an option.

MyHRConcierge creates strategic partnerships with independent payroll providers serving U.S. small-medium businesses (SMBs) – including many employers frustrated with the traditional approach to HR and employee benefits who want a simpler, more affordable, more personal approach.

They help partners tackle their customers' top HR challenges and build profitable revenue streams with an a la carte approach that lets MyHRConcierge partners choose the services that work best for their customers, financial objectives and product strategy.

This month, the firm began offering full COBRACompli™service as well.

Partnership Contributes to Client Success

The company's relationship with FBG Holdings began at a payroll conference earlier this year, where Cooley met with one of our representatives and discovered the two companies had a lot in common. "We're always looking to align ourselves with great companies who share our values. Our goals are similar and we both serve payroll service bureaus focused on small to midsized clients," Cooley said.

FBG Holdings' business model is also built around the idea of offering our clients in the payroll industry a broad array of services and solutions. As a result, MyHRConcierge,  Cachet Financial Services, Payroll Tax Management and Time Rack have agreed to share referrals based on clients' needs.

Our partnerships are a key part of how we continue to find new ways to contribute to our clients' success.

Contact FBG Holdings for any financial and payroll-related needs. We have a wide network of professional services designed to help you find the worry-free expertise you need so that you can focus on growing your business.

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