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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The modern payroll provider is expected to be so much more than a creator of paychecks. Today's payroll clients are looking for expertise across an entire landscape of business needs.

It's a landscape that has grown increasingly more complicated for businesses of all sizes, across all industries. Regulatory requirements – never easy to begin with – now often span multiple jurisdictions.  New tax laws, new insurance requirements and new expectations in the workplace can strain the resources of a company trying to bridge modern expectations with outdated processes.

There's a world of new software and technology on the market promising to help, but figuring out which solution is the right one is one more job many providers don't have time for.

An American Payroll Association survey of 1000 payroll providers conducted earlier this year showed that nearly 1 in 3 were using software that was more than 10 years old.

Whether time, or money, or fear of having to commit too much of both is what holds them back, outdated processes can leave businesses exposed to a laundry list of compliance and business risks.

It can feel overwhelming.

The Right Partner for the Modern Payroll Office

At FBG Holdings, our solutions for the payroll industry are built around the best technology in the business, but we don't believe technology holds all of the answers. You need the right partner to help you navigate the compensation process from end to end. A partner who can not only introduce you to the right mix of technology for your business, but who will also be there to guide you through the implementation and training in a way that works for you – and who will still be there long after, as a ready source of expertise.

Our clients have the advantage of an entire family of companies focused on solutions across every aspect of compensation, from payroll taxes, to direct deposit, to benefits, onboarding,  time and attendance and everything in between. Are your clients worried about their overtime costs? We can help. Confused about overlapping tax jurisdictions for a multistate workforce? We've got you covered. Spending too much time on onboarding processes and paperwork? We have solutions for that. Struggling to find payroll options for managing a seasonal or project-based workforce that throws the payroll calendar into disarray? Talk to us.

Our business is keeping up with the challenges across the total compensation process – and matching problems to solutions. In addition to our sister companies, a network of strategic partnerships provides our clients with unmatched depth of expertise and peace of mind. For our clients, it's as easy as making a phone call.

Speaking of Easy....

Join us in New Orleans Sept. 21-22 for Align 2018, the annual Apex user conference where payroll and HR professionals, service bureaus, accountants and a variety of other industry professionals from across the country will gather to network and learn more about the latest innovations in payroll and HR software. We'll be there along with our sister companies Cachet Financial Services, Payroll Tax Management and Time Rack. One lucky visitor to our table will walk away with a Sonos outdoor sound system.

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