Payroll Problems are No Problem with Forensic Payroll Consultants

Friday, February 01, 2019

Tax penalties and notices are bad news. But there's no reason to panic. Our partner, Forensic Payroll Consultants, specializes in helping payroll providers and businesses get to the bottom of their payroll mistakes.

That includes help with abating tax penalties.

“A lot of small payroll providers and small businesses ... panic at the sight of IRS letters," says president and CEO Andrew Lopez.  "Sometimes (the problem) is a late deposit or incorrect tax return filing and we can dig deeper into the issue and the majority of times remove the discrepancy," he says.

Payroll taxes can trip up established companies and providers as well, particularly those managing the requirements of multiple taxing authorities across state lines.

Lopez, who has worked in the payroll industry since 1997, founded the company after a sales rep came to him five years ago and asked him to help a client whose payroll was in disarray. It made it difficult for the client to switch providers because new providers typically don't want to address errors that occurred prior to their involvement.

Forensic Payroll Consultants often acts as a bridge, helping clients identify and correct the mistakes or processes that lead to tax errors or imbalances.  "We are peeling back the layers of the onion," Lopez says.

Most of Forensic Payroll's clients come as a referral, often with a tax penalty in hand. Some clients have been hit with steep penalties under the Affordable Care Act.

Forensic’s team members, one of whom is a former IRS employee, are experts at solving these difficult issues.

“Our team is skilled at auditing, balancing, correcting wage data as well as abating employment tax penalties and interest," Lopez says.

Common Payroll Errors

Some of the most common mistakes that Lopez sees involve calculating payroll taxes for things like medical insurance or retirement contribution plans. Often, errors are the result of failing to get enough information from a prior payroll provider. When companies transition from one payroll company to another, there can be different frequency of deductions. Forensic Payroll is often hired as a consultant to unravel such problems.

The company also works with bigger clients to help set up and oversee processes and policies that will prevent errors in the first place. Often, Lopez says, knowing the right questions to ask is enough to catch small issues before they can turn into big problems.

Solving Payroll Problems is Why We're Here

At FBG Holdings, making things easier for payroll providers is the reason we're in business too. It's what makes partnership with Forensic Payroll Consultants a good fit for us, and for our clients.

Our partnerships, along with the array of solutions provided by our sister companies Payroll Tax Management, SBS Payroll, Cachet Financial Services and Time Rack, allow us to meet the needs of the payroll industry across every type of compensation issue. Call or click on the link below to see what we can do to help your business flourish.

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