We've Got Your Back at Staffing World 2019

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

FBG Holdings understands that staffing has experienced an evolution with employment solutions and a gamut of services is key. We are a team of specialist who can customize solutions to help you succeed: Time Rack® and Payroll Tax Management®, offering comprehensive product offerings and client-centric teams. Our family of companies provides holistic workforce solutions for the staffing industry and payroll providers nationwide.

Time Rack Time & Attendance Solutions

Are you drowning in a sea of manual reports? Time Rack® provides cloud-based time and attendance solution, customizable for large organizations yet economical for small businesses. Integrated with Thomson Reuters Accounting CS, myPay Solutions, JazzHR Applicant Tracking System and can bridge to any payroll software you use.

Payroll tax Management

Need to "easy button" your payroll taxes? Payroll Tax Management processes payroll taxes for payroll providers and employers in the US and Canada with FlexTax® payroll processing software and service, and our comprehensive PayTax® Plus service.

Every Hero Needs a Secret Weapon

When the chips are down or you want to scale your business, having a slew of options to rely on makes all the difference. Our decades of experience as payroll industry innovators has made us well positioned to provide additional help when needed. It's like a Secret Menu of business solutions for the staffing industry. Speak with one of our specialists to learn more!

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