Payroll Tax Management, Inc. (PTM)

Payroll Tax Management, Inc. (PTM)

Payroll Tax Management

Payroll tax Management

Over the years, Payroll Tax Management, Inc. (PTM) has evolved from a full service payroll tax processor into a developer of multiple payroll tax software, system, and service options. PTM covers the competitive spectrum and offers a wide variety of product choices for the market:

  • PayTax® and PayTax® Plus are PTM’s full service payroll tax processing options.
  • The FlexTax® service was developed as the first combination payroll tax processing system and service product of its kind. Offering shared responsibility for payroll providers and corporate clients who want control without the liability.
  • FlexTax® Hosted is a comprehensive software option for clients who want to retain full control by managing their payroll tax processing in-house. PTM hosts and maintains the servers, which provides reduced hardware costs and technical responsibility for our clients.
  • FlexTax® Licensed is an in-house payroll tax processing software system that allows our clients to have 100% control over all aspects of their payroll tax processing. Unlike our FlexTax® Hosted software, the FlexTax® Licensed software and servers are fully maintained by our clients on their premises.

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