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Pilot LogoWe know you’re up to snuff regarding the benefits from what a single source Payroll and HR software solution provides. The tough part is finding the time and establishing the relationships to make a successful software change.

Don’t worry. We’ll pilot your journey to find your next payroll or HR software solution where your needs and requirements come first.

It’s as easy as three down and locked*!

    1We will do the search for you!

    2If we successfully find a match, we’ll pay for your legal fees for software contract negotiation.

    3You’ll need to sign a Power of Attorney (POA) so that we can negotiate on your behalf.

*Three Down and Locked - Landing gear down and ready for landing. A required confirmation call prior to landing at Air Force bases.

Why do this? It’s simple. We work for you, the service bureau, and you might be challenged with making a software change or worse, challenged with maintaining the ease of a single source platform where the software and vendors you are most comfortable with, are integrated. The three-nine-line**!

** Three-Nine Line - Imaginary line across your airplane's wingspan. A primary goal in dogfighting is to keep your adversary in front of your three-nine line.

No throttle back here. We’re committed to piloting your flight to software options, integration and resolution based on your unique business needs.

We want your attaboy (or attagirl) for getting you all the way to an implementation process from our software partners and relationships who aim to better serve you!