SOLE Financial Payroll Card Company Partners with FBG Holdings

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

With more than 3,500 businesses across the country using its payroll cards, Portland, Oregon-based SOLE Financial helps make payday easier for hundreds of thousands of workers who don't have bank accounts.

But the company doesn't stop there. It also offers financial education to its card users, promotes a spirit of volunteerism among its own employees and has tied its paper-eliminating payroll service to the concept of saving trees in a very literal way: planting trees to commemorate clients who make the transition to a fully paperless payroll.

Planting Seeds & Growing Opportunities

"We don't consider ourselves a payroll card company," says Erik Farleigh, SOLE Financial's director of partnerships. "We are a financial inclusion company with a focus on social responsibility, environmental awareness and financial literacy. We also happen to provide payroll cards."

Farleigh says that providing services to the "unbanked" is a mission SOLE Financial takes seriously, distinguishing the company from its competitors in a market that serves a population of financially vulnerable low-income wage earners.

Without bank accounts or debit cards, many such workers are shut out from the conveniences most people take for granted, like being able to make a flight reservation, book a rideshare or pay a bill online. And most importantly: to share in the benefits of direct deposit payroll. With a SOLE Financial payroll card, those employees can access their paychecks as quickly and easily as any other modern employee can expect.

It's a solution with growing popularity, especially among industries like restaurants, healthcare, home care, and manufacturing, where a higher population of employees without bank accounts has left businesses still issuing piles of paper checks – a process that’s slow, expensive and not particularly tree friendly.

Partnering to Bring New Options to Our Clients

Brandi Utria, vice president of sales and corporate relationships for FBG Holdings, said the partnership between SOLE Financial and FBG's four financial services companies, SBS Payroll, Payroll Tax Management, Cachet Financial Services and Time Rack, is a good fit between companies that share a commitment to efficient financial options.

The partnership furthers FBG's efforts to build relationships that broaden the reach and capabilities of its clients, which include payroll providers, PEOs and corporate entities. "In addition to having new ancillary services to share with our clients, our four sister companies will extend their range of expertise and solutions to the clients of SOLE Financial," Utria said.

Farleigh agreed. "FBG has such a wide reach in some really important areas" he said. "There are so many benefits that a partnership with FBG brings to our clients. It's just a natural fit."

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