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Payroll Related Software, Systems & Services Partnering Process

Partner Objective

After first contact with our potential partner, we analyze our mutual business needs, software, and services to work through the value of vendor preferences from current and prospective clients we share. The discovery process helps us to gain a clear understanding of priorities in order to establish objectives and provide a roadmap to a successful partnership.

Strategy Formation

Our strategic consulting team works with partners to develop a clear strategy for achieving the previously defined partner objectives. We work with our partners to assemble an understanding of how our businesses can work together. Growth and meeting the payroll and HR software needs by features that service bureaus, PEOs and payroll departments have come to expect are key to address the payroll industry's needs as a whole.

Partner Approach

We present our partners with a systematic approach including the discovery of the desired features, price point, and scalability our mutual clients may want to consider. The partner approach to achieve a desirable outcome of measurable deliverables for integration, referral, and ancillary needs of clients are set to manage expectations. At this stage we sign all contracts including NDAs and POAs as needed.

Commitment to Excellence

As a result of this process, our partners are satisfied with the strategy, outcome and growth potential. Our commitment to excellence keeps us all ahead of competitors. We started this process to fill a need expressed by the industry who are demanding ease of process, expertise, and alliance. A journey that considered their business objectives, payroll and HR software and service needs and preferred vendors who can work together for their benefit. At FBG Holdings, we are committed to the highest standards of conduct and hold our reputation to a higher level of accountability to satisfy the needs of our partners and clients.

Becoming FBG Holding's partner and extended family is simple. We will provide support and necessary steps to make the partnership a success.

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