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At Pilot Software Solutions, we are payroll and human capital management (HCM) technology professionals who are passionate, technically competent, and take pride in providing software development services. Our clients are in the payroll, time/attendance, payroll tax reporting, scheduling, human resources and ACH processing business.

Our primary mission is to help your company find a quality Payroll and HR software solution. We take pride in being a resource to your business as a liaison based on your requirements. Our clients are software users in the payroll, time/attendance, payroll tax reporting, scheduling, human resources, sequential reconciliation and ACH processing industry.

We have over two decades of experience helping large enterprises, software users, and a wide-range of standalone businesses. We have developed a process that provides a path to single source Payroll and HR software. A partner solution that makes sense with vendors your company prefers. We know the available partners and their systems. We've done the research, you reap the benefits.

With over two decades of experience helping large enterprises, software vendors, and wide-range of businesses, Pilot can also help you develop and maintain your complex, commercial-grade software at a fraction of the cost. Our team includes experienced software developers with extensive background in Microsoft .net technologies such as ASP.net, C#, VB.net, AJAX, JQuery and Microsoft SQL Server.


We employ a staff of experienced and service oriented professionals with in-depth industry knowledge and astute leadership at our helm. The Pilot Software Solutions team prides itself on maintaining professionalism throughout the single Payroll and HR software solutions process. We dive deep into your needs as a payroll and HR software user, respond rapidly, and are able to guide our clients based on the features and pricing that will work best with their business. It is our upmost priority to hold our client’s success with the highest regard.

Heightened Communication

We keep no secrets from our clients and maintain expectations with status updates. At Pilot Software Solutions, we strongly believe that bi-lateral communication leads to success, advocating for continuous dialogue between ourselves and our clients as well as their preferred partners and vendors. To accomplish this, we employ vigorous communication from start to finish ensuring all parties stay informed, the discovery process is successful, and our service and products are meeting your needs.

Industry Knowledge

We live in the industry world you live in. We understand the demands you face and what it takes to grow your business by providing solutions and partnerships that just work. Coupled with heightened communication, our industry knowledge allows our team to provide recommendations, solutions and an outcome that makes sense for everyone.

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